This new platform STILL gives you market knowledge that will help you with hiring managers and clients.  

The NEW version does the following:

1. It offers written suggestions on:  

  • What might the user may want to do next--given the results 
  • How the user could interpret the data for a hiring manager
  • Explains the data and what it means in that context

2. A Separate Page specifically for Sourcing Candidates

3. Gender Diversity: Suggestions where you could find more female candidates

4. Ethnic Diversity: Suggestions where you could find more diverse candidates

5. You can create two reports (one for yourself and one for the hiring manager).

6.  Puts the job postings that create the data right next to the conclusions.  This means you can easily see the source data.  

7. Your Search and Sourcing Resources are next to each other, so you can easily tweak your search and then search for candidates.