Question: Can you tell me more about keywords and how to use the filter?

We always recommend that you FIRST try to search using "Occupations" "Skills" and "Certifications."  These filters INTERPRET the data, while "Keywords" does not interpret the data.  When you cannot find what you need using the "Occupations", "Skills" and "Certifications" filters, THEN use the keywords feature. 

Users can filter results by using keywords found in the posting description and/or job title.  Type the expression, and we will create a Boolean search string for you. 


There are a many ways to use keywords:

     a. The AND statement:   i.e. Sales AND Manager

     b. The OR statement:   i.e. Sales OR Manager

     c. Exact Phrase:   i.e. Sales Manager

     d. Parenthesis:   i.e. (Sales AND Manager) OR (Sales AND Director)

     e. Exclude a word or term:   i.e. NOT “Sales Manager

      f. In title:   i.e. Title: (Sales AND Manager) 

      g. By clicking on "Search in title only", you can use an entire keyword string to search only in the title.