"Green Jobs" are positions that are found, at some level, to be environmentally beneficial. There are four (4) major categories of Green: “anti-green,” “neutral,” “near green,” and “green.”  Each posting is scored according to the number of green keywords found in the posting and the score determines the level of "green". 

The jobs marked as “green” are then broken down into four (3) sub-categories: “light green,” “medium green,” and “dark green.”  

If you choose “green,” it will include all of the green categories:

  • Dark Green: jobs that are purely green in focus, activities, and skills (e.g. environmental sustainability planner) 
  • Medium Green: jobs that are primarily green in focus, activities and skills (e.g. solar panel engineer …shares some skills with electrical engineers) 
  • Light Green: jobs that are somewhat green in focus, activities and skills (e.g. bus drivers … green focus (mass transit) but activities and skills are similar to non-green transport drivers (ambulances)). 
  • Near Green: typically non-green jobs working in support of the green economy (e.g. utility receptionist, where the utility provides renewable energy options). 
  • Neutral: jobs with no significant positive or negative impact on the green economy (e.g. bank teller). 
  • Anti-Green: jobs that can be in conflict with the goals of a green economy (e.g. military, mining, emergency response, etc.)