How do you match the job postings to Industries?

The Employers are matched to NAICS codes to obtain their Industry.

The NAICS codes are assigned to job postings when matching the poster of the job to the DUN & Bradstreet database. Due to the lack of contact information found on many ads, we match approximately 60% of the postings to a D&B record. Of ads that have company names, 80% of the volume is match to a DUNs number. Therefore the Industry totals are a subset of the total data.

A NAICS code will only get assigned to a job posting if the software is able to match a company AND a location in the job posting (at the very least) to that same company and location found in the  NAICS database. 

The “unavailable” means that we were not able to confirm a good match to the Dun and Bradstreet database. 


And the “unclassified establishments” means one of two things:

  • These businesses did not report a NAICS code. These are mostly newer businesses that have not completed the paperwork.
  • A business does not feel that they fall into the classifications offered.