Industry breakup – can you detail and clarify how you determine industry breakup?

Industry breakup is determined based on a number of companies which has the focused role as part of its talent base.  We refer to the primary business industry classification of the companies which has the talent to determine the % break-up. 

Sum of the numbers in industry break-up will be equal to the talent supply number

Stack breakup – can you detail and clarify how you determine stack breakup?

Stack breakup is determined based on the skills that the talent in the focused role has.  If we take the skill inventory of the profiles of the talent that we consider relevant for the role, then the top skills attribute to the stack breakup. 

Since ‘Stack break-up’ refers to the skills, the sum of all the stack breakup numbers will be higher the talent supply for the role.

“Brand presence in the city” - how do you define it? How is it calculated?

RecruiterNeuron has few customizable fields under Hiring Difficulty.  CEB TalentNeuron has modeled the key factors impacting hiring difficulty and have identified 10 key attributes.  The impact of these parameters has been determined based on the country/city and role.  By default, we take few values that represent the best hiring difficulty scale value for the role.  Brand presence is a customizable field in the dashboard.  We have a 3 point scale to select in this field.  As a user, you can change the selection for the field, and the rating will slightly change. 

 What is the process and agreed upon timelines for CEB to create new profiles upon receiving our request in RecruiterNeuron? Is it standard or it depends on the # of profiles being created?

The turnaround time depends on the # of roles and cities.  These dashboards are manually curated by our analysts.  For us, a combination of 1 role in 1 city is considered as 1 Dashboard.   We typically take 3 to 8 business days for 1 to 10 dashboards.  Your RM will closely work with you to prioritize the dashboard requirements if the combination of roles and cities (Dashboards are higher than 10)