TalentNeuron Recruit is ideal for high volume recruiters in need of on-demand labor market data in a self-service interface. When searching for a role in the platform, it scans your company’s job descriptions, auto-populates a market search based on your company’s requirements, and populates a comprehensive report recruiters use to advise hiring managers on the state of the talent pool. This tool helps you with your everyday recruiting and provides rich talent demand data in real-time – to help you find the right candidates, set expectations with your hiring managers, and reduce time-to-hire. You get full access to job descriptions, historical and competitor hiring trends data, and expanded contact information to help you target the relevant candidates immediately The data accessed through this platform is the publicly available information we are able to scrape from the given country, which can limit to countries with a real digital presence, this is why we have tools like RecruiterNeuron explained below.

RecruiterNeuron (custom roles within TalentNeuron Plan) is ideal for your more complex, high priority, company-nuanced roles. Through this service, you provide us with your job descriptions and our data scientists build a labor market dashboard specific to your requirements. This extra layer of human curation takes a few days for each role, in each location, but it ensures the company-specific nuances of a role are accurately reflected in the data. Currently, you’ll see the library of jobs other members have donated for the various locations those companies have searched.