We have developed in house analytical models which generate Availability, Quality and Scalability of talent by domain and location using data mined through various sources such as industry reports, country reports, news articles, publications, Government data sources, University graduate reports etc. Please note the these sources vary by domain and location and there are no unique sources for these attributes.

Domain Availability It refers to the accessible number of installed talent pool and graduating students who have the required skills to work in that particular domain. The parameter is rated as Low, Medium, High. If the availability is rated as High, it implies that the company will not face challenges in hiring professionals for that specific domain.

Domain Quality It refers to the quality of installed talent and graduates that are available for that specific domain. Parameters such as MNC presence, university rankings, research partnerships, English proficiency, etc. are taken into account for rating the quality of installed talent and graduates. The parameter is rated as Low, Medium, High.

Domain Scalability It implies the ease with which the company can scale up its operations in a particular domain without facing any difficulty in getting relevant fresh talent. The parameter is rated as Low, Medium, High. Low scalability means that the company will face challenges in hiring more graduates in that particular domain in case it plans to expand operations.