More people participate on Facebook than on any other social media web site, so it is an excellent recruiting resource. Because of this, TalentNeuron Recruit exports the top title AND location into a Facebook search; however, Facebook search results can be somewhat unpredictable. 

Things that Work

  • Facebook likes “occupation” searches IN a specific city.

  • However, sometimes “occupation” searches in a province/state are the only one that give results
    • For example “Locomotive Engineer” in Vancouver, Prince George . . . gave 0 Facebook results.
    • However “Locomotive Engineer” in all of British Columbia gave a lot of results. (In this search, I could see that there was a “Locomotive Engineer” in Prince George, but when I did a TalentNeuron Recruit search in “Prince George” and then clicked “Facebook,” there were no results.)
    • However, “Locomotive Engineer” in Kamploops, BC gave a lot of results. (Who knows why Facebook allows one search but not another.)
  • If you get no results, broaden your “location” to see if that is the problem. (Usually going to the province/state level is enough to get results.)
  • Facebook CAN search for POPULAR keywords entered in TalentNeuron Recruit.

Facebook CANNOT

  • It cannot find occupations that people do not enter. Some people love to enter data (ex. Software people), others do not.
  • Facebook DOES NOT like older terms such as “pipefitter.” (However the government does, and since TalentNeuron Recruit uses the government occupations . . . )
  • Facebook does not like a lot of search criteria. Give it one location an only ONE occupation (or skill) at a time.
    • For example “Computer Systems Analyst + Big Data + Hadoop” in Vancouver returned 0 result. 
    • However, “Computer Systems Analyst + Hadoop” in Vancouver returned a lot of results.