1. Number of Positions: Number of positions recruiter plans to hire
  2. Brand Presence in the city (Low/Medium/High)
    1. Low: If you have only just established your brand or been open for less than a year
    2. Medium: If you have a presence of 2 to 3 years and received awards or recognition from the local ecosystem. You have been pursuing PR and company presence is little known to available talent in the city.
    3. High: If you have been present for 3 years or more, hired others from the city and received two or more company recognition awards. You are proactively doing PR through multiple channels and company presence is well known to available talent in the city
  3. Leveraging local hiring channel partners (Yes/No)
    1. Yes: If you are leveraging local recruitment agencies
    2. No: If you are not leveraging local recruitment agencies
  4. Effective Social Media marketing for recruitment (Yes/No)
    1. Yes: If you have used social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to advertise new job openings and interact with available talent pool
    2. No: If you do not have an active social media strategy (you may have accounts but they are not updated)
  1. Referrals candidates available (Yes/No)
    1. Yes: You regularly receive referrals from employees in this location.
    2. No: You receive a very low number of referrals/ none.
  2. Aggressive Jobs Advertisements - Online, Print (Yes/No)
    1. Yes: If job postings are available through both the online and offline media (this is particularly important in global emerging cities)
    2. No: If you are doing only online ads and nothing offline
  3. Screening process complexity (High/Medium/Low)
    1. High: If the recruitment process is thorough involving multiple screening levels such as hackathons, aptitude tests, telephone screening and then face to face interviews with hiring manager and senior leaders
    2. Medium: If the hiring process is fairly standard with a telephonic screening followed by face to face interviews with hiring manager and senior leaders
    3. Low: If the hiring process involves a basic interview over the telephone followed by the hiring manager interview. There is limited to no contact with senior leadership
  4. Senior leaders involved to expedite hiring (Yes/No)
    1. Yes: If the position has internal support from senior leadership to expedite the hiring process
    2. No: If there is no sense of urgency to fill a vacant position due to lack of leadership support
  5. Company leadership known well in the industry (Yes/No)
    1. Yes: If your leaders are profiled in different business magazines in the city/country. Recognition by the television media for the positive work you have done is an added bonus. Leaders should be ideally known for innovation, cutting edge work and overall company achievement
    2. No: If your senior leadership have never been featured in print/digital media
  6. Offered total compensation and benefits (Best In Class/Competitive/Below Market)
    1. Best In Class: If the compensation offered is greater than the industry average by at least 20% or more.
    2. Competitive: If the compensation offered falls within industry average standards
    3. Below Market: If your offer is lower than your competitor bid by 20% or more