The essence of the reasons is that Occupations, Roles, and Skills in these three platforms are defined differently to the point where it is not possible to run the exact same search in each platform:


I.  TalentNeuron Recruit (Legacy & New): (Supply of Skills defined by TalentNeuron or Occupations as defined by gov.)

  • If you selected an occupation or function in the filters, then these limit the supply.
  • If you have only ONE skill selected in your search, then you get the broadest look at how the skill is used in the entire workforce. However this tool was originally created for recruiters not workforce planners, so sometimes it may find skills in “boiler plate” material. If you use this tool for workforce planning, you must check the job postings that are returned. Use the returned job postings to alter your search. 
  • The supply is being estimated over a shorter period (this week to this month). 

II.  TalentNeuron Plan: (Supply of Skills only)

  • Skills are defined as part of a specific Domain and Function, so the skill being used outside of these Domains and Functions are not counted.
  • The supply is being estimated over a long-term period.

III.  RecruiterNeuron: (Supply of Job Roles only, as defined by one client)

  • Supply in this dashboard is based upon a job role. This job role was defined by the client that requested the data be added to the tool. (Read the job description closely.)  
  • The supply is at a specific point in time--mainly when the role was requested. Roles are updated yearly.