Location Analyzer - why isn't this function autopopulating in the results?

The Location Analyzer will only show data for the cities/MSAs which have data available for all the selected attributes. 

In a case where one of the selected cities does not have data for a selected attribute, the function won't show as part of the available selection; even though the other cities may have the data. In which case, using the MSA may be an alternative way to bring back the results. 

In this particular search, when we select the locations, one of them (Palo Alto) did not have enough information on functions related to Software*. As a result, since Palo Alto did not have this kind of data, it cancelled off the data available from the other locations. The point being that this tool has to compare the exact same functions throughout the locations.

When we begin typing, there were no results autopopulating.

However, by changing Palo Alto ( city level) to a MSA (San Jose, CA), we are able to bring back the relevant data - as San Jose, CA, in conjunction with the other locations had functions related to Software*.