TalentNeuron offers a variety of products to provide you with labor market intelligence, but sometimes, knowing which option best suits your needs can be difficult.

TalentNeuron offers two main types of products:

  • Self-service tools that provide real-time data on demand, supply, and more

  • Custom research engagements that provide data on geographies or metrics not available in our self-service tools

Please note that you may have access to all or only some of the following products. If you have any questions about our offerings, please reach out to your account manager. 

Self-service tools

Our self-service tools provide real-time data on supply, demand and more. You create your own searches for roles and locations around the world.

Our two primary self-service tools are:

Plan (Beta) is made up of two modules – Competition and Skills. Two more Plan modules (Roles and Locations) will be released in the second half of 2020.


Plan (Beta)





Suggested use case

For more tactical, candidate-focused searches

For more strategic, data-heavy searches

Typical users

Recruiting, sourcing

Workforce planning, talent intelligence

Demand data source

Job postings currently online

Jobs posted during a specific time period (up to 4 years)

Searching by roles

View data for one role at a time

View data for one role or multiple roles compared against one another

Searching by location

View data for one location or multiple locations added together

View data for one location, multiple locations added together, or multiple locations compared against one another

Data points unique to this tool

  • Supply by gender and ethnicity (United States and South Africa only)

  • University supply (United States only)

  • Skill adjacencies (skills similar to a searched skill)

  • Skill evolution (growing and declining skills related to a searched role)

Plan: Competition

Plan: Skills

Suggested use case

Identifying your talent competitors and the locations and skills they’re investing in

Understanding the current and future demand for skills related to your talent

Custom research engagements

Our custom research engagements provide data on geographies or metrics not available through our self-service tools. We partner with you to define the scope of the project and then send you the deliverable once finished.

Our two main avenues for custom research engagements are:

Custom Roles


Suggested use case

For an overview of roles and locations in your package but not available through Recruit and Plan

For a highly-customized, in-depth analysis of key talent issues

Time to deliver

5-10 days

4-6 weeks

Deliverable format

Online portal that provides access to a digital dashboard. Data can also be exported to PDF or Excel file.

Executive-ready PowerPoint presentation