Learn how to share a search with another TalentNeuron user in your organization.

About sharing a search

Through TalentNeuron Recruit, you can share your search with another TalentNeuron user. Because viewing a shared search involves logging into the Recruit tool, you can only share searches with other people in your organization who have a Recruit license. If you’d like to share your search results with someone who doesn’t have a license, we recommend exporting your search as a PDF.

When you share a search, you are creating a copy and sending it to another person. In other words, any changes that you make to your search won’t affect the recipient’s version, and any changes the recipient makes won’t affect yours.

Sharing your search

  1. Click the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This icon is present on all of the search results pages within Recruit.

  2. A modal window will appear. Here, you’ll need to name your search (required) and select a recipient within your organization. You can also choose to include a message that will appear in the email notification that the recipient receives.

Accessing your past shared searches

  1. Click the home icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, or the word Recruit next to TalentNeuron. This will bring you to the Recruit homepage.
  2. In the gray bar in the middle of the page, click Shared searches. An orange circle indicates an unopened shared search.
  3. Within this section, you can open searches that have been shared with you (Received), as well as searches you have shared with others (Sent).